Paul van Dyk Releases Futuristic Music Video for 'I Am Alive'

Paul van Dyk Releases Futuristic Music Video for 'I Am Alive'

New Album, From Then On, Out Now on VANDIT Records

Friday, October 27, 2017 — Watch the Music Video for I Am Alive HERE

Paul van Dyk has released a brand new video for I Am Alive, the fourth single from his recently released album From Then On. The videos continues the narrative from the music video for Stronger Together, following a young couples' journey as they find eachother in the futuristic, utopian city of AEON. The story finishes unresolved, but a To Be Continued... notice at the end of the video lets us know there's plenty of adventure left in the story for the visual accompaniement to the album.

I AM ALIVE is a gorgeously upbeat tune from one of trance’s most iconic artists. Full of sweeping melodic synths and pulsing at a thumping 138 bpm, I AM ALIVE is one of the best releases from van Dyk's latest album, From Then On

From Then On was released on October 20th on VANDIT Records, and immediately became the #1 album on the iTunes Dance Charts in 11 countries, including the USA & Germany.

From Then On Tracklist:

1.  While You Were Gone (w/ Vincent Corver)
2.  Inhale (w/ M.I.K.E. Push & Fred Baker)
3.  Touched By Heaven
4.  I Am Alive
5.  Everyone Needs Love (w/ Ronald van Gelderen ft. Gaelan & Eric Lumiere)
6.  Breaking Dawn (w/ Alex M.O.R.P.H.)
7.  Vortex (w/ James Cottle)
8.  The Code (w/ Jordan Suckley)
9.  Stronger Together (w/ Pierre Pienaar)
10. From Then On (w/ Leroy Moreno)
11. Fairytales (w/ Steve Allen)
12. Close Call (w/ Tristan D)
13. Escape Reality Tonight (w/ Emanuele Braveri ft. Rebecca Louise Burch)
14. Safe Haven

Paul van Dyk tour dates:

October 27 - Philadelphia, PA - Rumor Nightclub
October 28 - Miami, FL - Heat
November 24 - San Bernardino, CA - Dreamstate SoCal
November 25 - Chicago, IL - Trance Arena

Paul van Dyk - I Am Alive

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